Ashley "Colours" Perez

Ashley Perez aka "Colours" is a dancer, choreographer and entrepreneur making waves in the Canadian dance scene. Training in funk styles and hip-hop, she later specialized in voguing, waacking and house with mentors Archie Burnett (New York), Caleaf Sellers (New York), Jojo Zolina (Vancouver) and Kaiti Dangerkat (Calgary/New York).  In 2007, Ashley joined the artist collective House of Dangerkat as resident choreographer and performer. Developing works that allowed her to travel and perform in places such as New York, London & Paris. Her choreography and performing then led her to Slammenberry Jam (Calgary) and Fashion has no Borders (Calgary). Delivering her share back to the community, Colours has also shared her knowledge through teaching in programs such as Stardale (Calgary), I heart Urban Dance (Calgary) and Pulse Studios (Calgary). Through the pursuit of her passions, moving to Toronto she immersed herself in the scene by performing in Manifesto (Toronto), and became the co-creator of the word of mouth sensation JACK YOUR BODY (2013, Toronto).