Premiered: April 25 - 28, 2018

Venue: Winchester Street Theatre

Length: 60 minutes

Cast: 7 dancers, 9 musicians (see below for cast list)

FLOOR'D is a soulful and propulsive performance of dance, live music, and raw energy, all in the spirit of jazz. FLOOR'D draws inspiration from Katrina Hazard-Gordon’s renowned book, Jookin: The Rise of Social Dance Formations in African-American Culture. 

The work showcases the dynamics, relationships, and interactions of dancing bodies inspired by the arena of jook houses and how these bodies compose music - jazz and the blues. Dances in the jook included the Charleston, the shimmy, the snake hips, the funky butt, the twist, the slow drag, the black bottom, the fish tail, and the grind and more.

Jazz. Moves. Grooves. Bliss. 


Video by Kristine Flores; Photos by Tamara Romanchuk

Choreography: Natasha Powell

Musical Direction: Gerald Heslop

Outside Eye: Debbie Wilson

Costume Design: Sarah Doucet

Lighting Design: Noah Feaver

Scenic Design: James Kendal

Production Management: AJ Morra

Stage Management: Jennifer Lee

Associate Producer: Timea Wharton-Suri

Publicity: Murray Paterson Marketing Group


Tereka Tyler-Davis

Caroline "Lady C" Fraser

Hollywood Jade

Miha Matevzic

Ashley "Colours" Perez

Sarah Tumaliuan

Raoul Wilke


Raymond Blake - Trumpet

Iain Green - Drums

Brian Huntley - Bass

Jan Morgan - Trumpet

Sabine Ndalamba - Guitar

Micheal Redhead - Tenor Saxophone

Bruce Skerritt - Piano

Felicia Wirahardja - Baritone Sax

Terry Woode - Trombone

Awards and Recognition

Winner of the 2018 Dora Mavor Moore Award for Outstanding Performance, Ensemble in the Dance Division

2018 Dora Mavor Moore Award, Dance Division Nominations include:

Outstanding Production

Outstanding Original Lighting Design: Noah Feaver

Outstanding Original Choreography: Natasha Powell

Original Creation and Production Support