Summerworks Opening Night Party
10:00 pm22:00

Summerworks Opening Night Party

  • Factory Theatre

SummerWorks kicks off the 2017 Festival with a party at the Festival Hub.

To the multiverse, with love

Join us for an expansive multi-dimensional opening celebration featuring music by DJ Syrus Marcus Ware, a durational performance by Melisse Watson, and pop ups by Holla Jazz and Erin Ball. Surprises throughout the night! For more info visit

dance Immersion Canada 150 Special Presentation
1:00 pm13:00

dance Immersion Canada 150 Special Presentation

  • Harbourfront Centre Theatre

Holla Jazz presents a new short work as part of dance Immersion's Canada 150 Special Presentation.  To celebrate our dance in Toronto over the years, this presentation reveals many artistic voices from our community that will resonate and inspire for the next 150 years and beyond.

Tickets on sale soon.  Learn more at

Dance Ontario DanceWeekend
Jan 21

Dance Ontario DanceWeekend

  • Fleck Dance Theatre

Holla Jazz will present excerpts of our new production at 2018 Dance Ontario DanceWeekend.  Totally unique and completely captivating, DanceWeekend is a veritable feast of globally inspired dance from 25 professional companies presenting in Toronto throughout the year.  Learn more at