3 Reasons to Attend Freedom Time - Toronto's Dancefloor Jazz Event

Last year we were introduced to a party that had occurred in Toronto many years ago, and was recently brought back into the circuit at the right time.  Freedom Time is a special event dedicated to spreading the gospel of dance floor jazz music.  The next one is happening on Friday March 24.  If you haven't been to one of these parties yet, here are our top reasons why you should go:

3.  The Intimacy

If you're not into parties or events with large crowds, but still want to jam and vibe out, then this is the place to be.  Freedom Time is hosted inside the intimate space of Yauca's Lounge at the corner of Bloor and Dovercourt.

2. The People

Nothing but cool vibes and great energy when you're at a Freedom Time party.  Whether you just want chill out with a drink, or spread love on the dancefloor, Freedom is all about celebrating the love of jazz music on the dance floor at your own pace.

1. The Music

The ultimate reason why Freedom Time is such a special event - Jason Palma (Higher Ground Radio, Footprints) and Jason Sanders (General Electric, Uma Nota, Footprints).  Not only are the some of the top DJs in the city, but at Freedom Time they are spinning a vast amount of styles both new & old, from Hard Bop, Spiritual, Soul Jazz, Modal, Latin, Nu Jazz, Vocal, African Jazz, Funk, Brazilian, and the list goes on!

Jason Palma

Jason Palma

Jason Sanders

Jason Sanders

Freedom Time represents the culmination of their collective efforts and an honest reflection of their desire to bring something unique and vital to this city's underground music scene.

Expect a mix of music that reflects a deep understanding of Jazz's wide range of styles & history, including a large amount of new music created by a youthful vanguard of forward-thinking musicians from right around the globe.

See you on the dance floor!